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Metair Refrigerator Sterilizer & Deodorizer

Metair Refrigerator Sterilizer & Deodorizer

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       Keep your fruits and vegetables crispy-fresh and germ-free, longer.  Removes unpleasant odors, molds & mildew. Safe for use inside refrigerators or cold storages to lengthen shelf-life of food and perishables.
  • Chlorine dioxide deodorant: Chlorine dioxide deodorant keeps the refrigerator and space clean just by placing it.

  • More effective than baking soda and activated charcoal.

  • More powerful and effective–make the smarter, fresh choice.

  • Kill 99.9% bacterial and virus.

  • Remove pesticide residues.

  • Prolonged protection up to 3 months.

  • Easy to use and dose not need to connect to power.

Benefits & Usage 

  • Keeps fridge fresh: Maintain a fresh odorless refrigerator or freezer and removes smells within hours.

  • Fresh without fragrance: Metair technology eliminates odor on a molecular level instead of using fragrances or perfumes that simply mask or hide odors.

  • Food-safe: ingredients are non-toxic and safe for you and your family.

  • Lasts for up to 90 days of effective use.

  • Visual design: The product is a brown gel at the beginning, and the color changes with the time of use. When the content is completely white, it means that the sterilizer product has expired and needs to be repurchased.

  • Safe for use inside food storage containers or refrigerators.

  • Highly effective and easy to use.

         After using for a while, our refrigerator always become smelly as there's too much mixed food odors, or some food got rotten. Even after we cleaned it, it still has strong smell. When we put new food or beverage in, it also catches the smell.A study done on the average frost-free home fridge found that salad drawers alone contained an average of 7,850 bacteria units per square centimeter. Refrigerator slows - but not stop food from rotten by bacteria.

Harness the power of ClO₂

        Metair sterilizer & deodorizer can actively release chlorine dioxide safe sterilization gas (an A1 disinfectant classified by the World Health Organisation), effectively eliminate common germs in the refrigerator, such as Escherichia coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus and so on, and effectively prolong the fresh-keeping cycle. 

       It can not only eliminate bacteria in airtight air but also eliminate mildew and stench. Eliminate all kinds of odors caused by spoiled ingredients, such as rotten eggs, rotten vegetables, fish, carrion, etc., and thereby ensures a long-lasting freshness in the refrigerator and a much longer storage (shelf) life of the foods.


How to use



Third-party Certification


  1. Be careful to avoid accidental ingestion.
  2. Keep out of reach of children.
  3. Do not mix with or use at the same time as other products.
  4. Do not inhale directly.
  5. Increase ventilation if you detect any smell from this product. Check if it smells before using in your bedroom. (Please note that the product concentration will be stronger during the first few days of use.)
  6. Avoid exposing the product to heat and direct sun during use and when storing.
  7. Do not use this product for purposes other than those indicated here.
  8. Do not use next to precious metals or precision machinery as this product can corrode metals.
  9. Do not use next to colored fabrics, as this product can cause bleaching.
  10. Do not use in a small closed environment, such as in a car, or in a refrigerator.
  11. Do not use near animals and/or plants.
  12. Wipe off immediately if spilled.

Emergency Measures

  1. In case of accidental ingestion: Immediately rinse your mouth and drink water or milk. Do not induce vomiting. Consult a physician.
  2. In case of eye contact: Immediately flush eye with a plenty of water and seek immediate medical attention.
  3. In case of skin contact: Immediately wash exposed skin with soap and rinse with plenty of water. Consult a physician for any appearances of burns or rashes.
  4. Discontinue use if any discomforting symptoms appear.

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