Next-gen disinfection technology

To avoid the time and labor-consuming work and the related high cost for the disinfection coating,  Metair developed a new  sustain-release chlorine dioxide disinfection device using light-powered molecular range extender technology (L-Power). Simply put the Metair device somewhere in the room/booth, it will do all the work you can expect from using a disinfection coating. More importantly, it is better.

Simply putting the Metair device somewhere in an indoor space, it will create a well-balanced degradation atmosphere for high-efficiency removal of harmful substances both airborne and on surfaces. Besides viruses, Metair can solve all-spectrum indoor air problems, including bacteria, formaldehyde, odors, etc. It is a powerful airborne bactericide, virucide, and deodorizing agent for environmental hygiene management.

Technical Benefit

● Controlled release of chlorine dioxide for the disinfection
● Safe & Non-toxic: internationally recognized as the safest disinfectant.
● Remove 99.9% of airborne and adhered viruses and bacteria at once.
● Remove unpleasant odors.
● Sustained release for up to 3 months.
● Easy to use: no surface treatment work required.
● Up to 90% cost saving for end-users.


Metair can be used for the long-term, real-time, high-efficiency disinfection applications of the living environment, working environment, and closed public environment, e.g.:
● in kindergartens & school
● in the entrance, living room, children's room, bedroom, toilet & pet areas
● in hospitals, dentistry & other healthcare facilities
● in public transport
● in bank, office, meeting room, hotel & restaurant