About Metair

Metair is the brand of pioneering air disinfection products by the Nanomaterial Division of Lumi Technology Company, including the innovative airborne disinfectant products. The brand is officially launched in 2022, dedicated to providing end-users the best value for their money, with the highest quality in product functionality and user experience created by utilizing a new technology. Despite Metair’s relatively young age, the Nanomaterial Division has a long operating history and has achieved solid track records in the field of advanced disinfection technology R&D and commercialization. During the pandemic period, the Nanomaterial Division has been supplying high-efficiency antimicrobial melt-blown fabrics for over 60,000,000 masks and disinfection photocatalytic materials for over 30,000,000 square meters of coating area to corporate customers in Japan, EU, Mainland China, and HKSAR, contributing to the upgrade to the next-generation disinfection measure.

 In 2021, the Nanomaterial Division started Project L-Power to develop the light-powered molecular range extender technology, which is the core technology inside our sustained-release air disinfection gel. L-Power technology could redefine the post-pandemic hygiene solution, as recognized by the silver medal from Inventions Geneva in 2022.