High-flux filtration technology

The antibacterial meltblown fabrics manufactured based on Metair's first-generation Hybrid Disinfection-Filtration Technology have excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties. The developed series of antibacterial surgical masks and KN95 masks have obtained success across the market and have been sold to Hong Kong, Europe, Japan, and the United States.

On this basis, Metair made persistent efforts to develop a novel high-flux filtration technology using unique electret technology and unique formula to develop a new type of high-throughput and high-efficiency anti-microbial melt-blown cloth with finer fibers, higher specific surface area, and electrostatic saturation. The developed super-breathable meltblown fabric can reach the H13 filtration level.

The breathing resistance of the Metair series superbreathable KN95 mask based on high-flux filtration technology is reduced to 50% of the first-generation products, the Clean Air Breathing Capacity is increased by 100%, and the antibacterial ability is further improved.
It can offer protection higher than KN95 respirators but with high breathability like surgical masks. It can filter and inactivates 99% of the pathogens in the inhaled air, and filters most of the suspended particles in the air. This facemask is especially useful for medical personnel who have to expose to bacteria and viruses for long hours and can also be used by the general public for daily activities.